Friday, November 19, 2010

Island Crossing Farms Trial - Part Two

Nan ran pretty decent the first day, although she did take a detour on the drive like Roo. She had a hard time releasing the pressure so that cost us! Her outruns were quite nice on both days.
Bringing them across the ditch in a straight line. On the second day, her outwork was superb.  She lost one point on her outrun, none on her lift and fetch.

Holding that fetch line.

Ready for the next command.

Her drive was outstanding. The only glitch was we missed the second panel as she didn't want to let go and we lost ten points. That would have put us in first place but as a result we landed in fifth place.

We lost two for the shed.

But had a perfect pen. I was very happy she did so well and finally we are getting some points for the Finals.

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