Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Great Cause!!

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....from Lora Withnell....

My son attends a highly diversified, what could be called "inner city" school. There is a group of kids who call themselves the Rowdy Dowds who are working very hard to break down barriers and create unity for this high school in a positive way.....School Spirit! They have created and participated in events such as this: Senior Citizen Day and also the very popular: Jersey Shore event! The kids have made a rap song....that should be coming out on Youtube in the near future. They also made a video for the school's homecoming was shown at the homecoming assembly. This video was entered into a Spirit Competiton that the local newspaper sponsored and has made it to the final round. Now....the Rowdy Dowds need national support. Please take the three seconds it takes to click the link and then click "like" under the South Salem Rowdy Dowd video. With the culteral and economic diversity in the school...not all the students have a computer to place their votes. Please help keep this amazing journey of unity in a positive direction alive.....all proceeds from the competition have been pledged to the school's club. In a day and age where high school students are cast in a negative light....this group is creating an amazing positive unified and yet diverse family!


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livin life said...

Thank you for the support. He is a great kid.....doing really great things in a day and age where we need that sort of leadership!