Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing cool people and their dog business

Brian and Allison are the coolest artsy type of people....which is good as they have the coolest artsy type of dog store....Allison does her out handmade cut block art, which she then prints on the cool clothing. They print their own clothing with their neat art prints. I met them at a USBCHA trial and was impressed by their love of life.

Take a stroll through their website and you can order some neat Christmas gifts. They also have items for other breeds of dogs. I know, I am biased towards Border Collies but the other breeds items are quite cool too!

And to boot, Bryan runs his dog, Scoop in Pro Novice. I judged him at Fire Ridge and saw the nice teamwork they had...and how much they adored each other. It's about partnership and it was evident.

Support your  trial handler by ordering an item for Christmas. Get one so you can wear it proudly at the trials too!

They have a 10% OFF CHRISTMAS SPECIAL good until Dec 6th. CODE NEW10

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