Thursday, November 11, 2010

Double Lift- General Pixs

Most of the folks took off late Saturday and a few left on Sunday. The only folks that were left were the Double Lift folks. Since I was judging at the PN field on Saturday, Bod Dias drew for me and he pulled ELEVENTH POSITION!! Hello, Bob, you so SUCK at drawing, OK? Maybe next time, I will get your lovely bride, Rochelle to draw for me? All kidding aside, Bob drew the third spot and I got eleventh. On a side note, two of three PN judges made it into the Double Lift. The other judge was Lavon.

Hub wisely stayed in the truck.

Some of the sheep really enjoyed the view.

Most of the runs had nice weather but Lana and my runs got the wind, rain and cold.

More rain coming in. You can't really see but there are great swirls of rain coming across the field. Some bushes flew by and bounced merrily in the air.

First to go was the exhaust pen tarp. It flipped and flapped in the wind. Norm and Vicki are fixing it.
But Mother Nature won and ripped it all apart and the tarp went crazy. The sheep huddled on the other side.

Norm taking one last stab at it. Then he bolted to the trailer as the major storm hit. It hit during Lana's run and stayed during my run.  Everything that was not bolted down, flew or tumbled away. It was about 50-60 MPH and the trailers were rocking. Luckily, we had ours hitched up and the slideout bed put back in, otherwise there would have been some major damage.

Steve and the Smokeshack, before he bolted! He sure has tasty BBQ sandwiches.

It was so bad the portta potties fell down. Only one was left standing. I sure would hate to have been in one of these when it fell!! PHEW !!

One of the cutest couples in the world, Norm and Vicki. They are so darn sweet, I adore them. Norm sure knows how to pick a winner! Both of them were in the Double Lift.

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