Friday, November 26, 2010

A real sheepdog don't need no stinkin' coat!!

Tess got a water proof coat last year. Finally it snowed so she could wear it. However, she is not enamored of the coat. She said "a real sheepdog don't need no stinkin' coat."

It snowed several inches the  last few days and it was quite cold. I was freezing so I decided that Tess needed to wear her coat. As we left the house, she made a face and walked like she was embarrassed.  She acted like she didn't know me at all.

At the barn, sleeping in the sun.

To ease her pain, I let her work the sheep. She normally loves to work the sheep but she was pouty and did and out-walk to get the sheep. Not a run, or trot but a walk. I checked the coat to see if it was too tight but it wasn't.

Here she is closing her eyes..perhaps if she doesn't see the coat,  then she won't be so embarrassed. Maybe she didn't want the sheep to see her coat because they would perhaps point their hooves at her and laugh.

She decided to move faster now.

See all the snow that is being kicked up by the sheep.

I was trying to have Tess flank to the away side so I could a pix of her next to the sheep. I kept telling her away and had the camera set to get her as she came to the away side. I finally looked to see what was going on when I could never get her in the pix. Well, it was because she decided not to listen to me and go on the come bye side. 

I scowled at her but she gave me a dirty look and replied, "Well, you made me wear this damm coat and this is payback"

Maybe next time, I will be more selective of when I put the coat on her.


An English Shepherd said...

Like the 1st picture Tess looks like she has the real hump!

Michele said...

I will be showing your blog to my husband. He is insistant that our young slick coated girl needs a coat (why her littermate brother who is slick coated does not, I'll never know ) Here, Tess will show Paul WHY sheepdogs don't wear jackets. ; - )

Joan said...

Awww, poor Tess, she does look embarassed. Even my Toy Poodle hates to wear a coat in the cold weather. It is a nice looking coat though!

Morgen Magnuson said...

The first year I ran Belle in PN at Zamora, it was pouring rain. She has always had joint problems so, I made her wear a coat when we were waiting. Umm, we had to retire. Next run, I did not make her wear it and she got 2nd and made enough money to pay for the $150 doughnut bed that I had to buy for the passenger seat. She's snoring away in it right now.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

The snow is gone and Tess is delighted that she doesn't have to ear the coat anymore!