Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nelson

Happy Birthday to the best brother is the world!

I tried to dig up a recent photo of my brother but I realized that last one was from fourteen years ago at my wedding. He still looks the same! Minus the tuxedo!

Nelson is fifteen months younger than me. He reminds me of this fact each time my birthday rolls around. He is kind, quiet and very giving. When  I had my open heart surgery, he took a week off to take care of me. He made the best meals to tempt me to eat (he is an awesome cook). I sure lucked out when I got Nelson as my brother. He is always there for me.

At our wedding, he gave me away. He picked his tux and was chatty in the receiving line. For those of you that know my brother, he is normally super quiet and shy. Also at the wedding, he talked to everyone and gave a speech. Of course, I got hell from everyone who met him since I had told them he was shy!

He comes up to the farm and spoils the dogs. Shiro adored him. He took her for a long hike one weekend and ever since then, she would worship the ground he walked on. Sad to say, Shiro has passed on, but her spirit still adores him!

He took Henry, the fat orange and white cat for me when our barn burned down. Needless to say, Henry remained at his house, far more spoiled than he was when he lived here. Add, he is much more reduced in weight. Nelson helped us tons after the barn burned down, getting the site ready for the new barn and helping us with everything.

He is an avid outdoors man and told me when we had the black bear issue on the farm. I had no idea that we had a black bear strolling about in our driveway, until he told me. He recognized the scat and then we went on full alert. The hunter got the bear the following week.

At the holidays, he makes the best homemade dishes. He invents the meals and I drool at each one. He has a generous heart and a good sense of humor, often catching me off guard.

Tess, Nan and Rainey also adore him. They pretend they don't hear any of my commands when he is about. Nelson will often help me with feeding and  has a sharp eye for the surroundings. He is very much an astute person when it comes to the outdoors.

I am truly blessed to have such a sweet brother in my life. And he is an Army veteran. He served so you and I can be free.

Happy Birthday to the best brother that I ever could have! I love you!

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