Friday, January 2, 2009

You ROCK , Dotster!!

I have a hosting package with Dotster. I have been a client of theirs for several years. They are a local company, based in Vancouver, WA and I believe in supporting the local folks. They have grown into a major player in the *internet world* but have kept their *small, hometown values.*

I recently moved my domains over to them and had other domains there already. I also set up my new emails on my domains via them. It was working great until some *spammer dude* hosted his site on their server. As a result, other ISPs would reject my emails. This annoyed me to no ends.

I would do the online chat with Jon T from Dotster and they would fix the issues. Then the *spammer dude* would sign up again and get hosted and send out mass spamming crap and the other ISPs would block all traffic from that particular server. Hence, my emails bounced.

Then I would go online to chat with Dotster and *viola* I would end up chatting with Jon T. Of course, I would seem to be online each night at the same time so it was during his shift. He was very nice and polite and Dotster would fix the issues. It was not Dotster fault but that *spammer dude* that would sign up and send mass spammer crap. It’s a problem with any hosting company.

The *spammer dude * is my name for the spammers who sign up and use the hosting company’s server to spew forth their *Wonderful, I will make you Rich or Make a certain body part longer” spam emails. They would get caught by the hosting company and then kicked out to the curb. Then they sign up under a different account and repeat. It’s a vicious battle that the hosting company’s fight on a daily basis.

The last online chat that I had with Jon T, he said he would talk to the other folks and get it resolved. By God, he did!!

So Dotster being aware of good customer service took action and moved me to another server and my email issues all disappeared. Then Jon T sent me a follow up email. Then Mary called today to make sure that all was well.

WOW, such great service. I am impressed. Not only they fixed the issue, they did the follow as they promised. Have you ever been told by a customer service agent “I’ll get back to you” and then you NEVER hear back from them and nothing gets done?

That is so NOT Dotster. They did both an email and phone call to make sure that I was happy. And my emails work again.

Dotster, YOU ROCK. And KUDOS to Jon T for his excellent customer service. By God, I hope they give him a huge bonus! He certainly earned it. It’s certainly nice in this day and age to have a great hosting company. I recommend them to anyone!!

FYI, I do not any any stock in Dotster or any financial interest but am a happy customer!!

Here is their website:

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