Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beauty Queens

Every two months, the girls go and get groomed. I give them baths here but am hopeless at clipping them and making it look nice. I mean, that when I can clip them but it looks like a Mohawk gone wild. So to spare them the humiliation of my bad clipping, I send them to Lisa and she take my fuzzy girls and grooms them.

They get a bath, no doubt to remove some of the finest Carnation mud on their bellies. Trimming around the paws and ears and legs and belly. Groom/brush/remove hair. More grooming with a few kisses and pets thrown in.

Nan loves to roll in cow or geese poop. In fact, you can smell her before she enters a room. She takes great pride in finding only the finest to roll in. Then she delights herself by rubbing in on me.

Nan after her bath and grooming. Look, no green goose poop around her neck!!

Nan has hairy paws and super fuzzy ears. They got trimmed and now her feet look so cute. Here she is at Lisa's place, just hanging out by the door.

Tess was quite fuzzy too and had hairy feet. Here is Tess on the grooming table. Let's make a face to show how excited I am!!

Tess is happy that 47 pound of fuzz hair was removed. Now, you notice just how husky she is. Nan is very feminine while Tess is a very solid and husky built.

Nan at home doing the cute model pose. She is a great subject for the camera. Full of life!!

Another side shot. See how well clipped she is around her tail, paws, legs, ears etc....

OK, a cute play bow while she is posing too!

Look how neat her paws are and how cute the ears are. She looks great!

Nan is happy! She loves to have her picture taken.

Tess, on the other hand. I asked her to pose nice and she stuck her tongue out. Kinda like, when you are asked to smile and you stick your tongue out and your mom gets mad?

So, I asked Tess not to stick her tongue out. Fine, so she didn't. But instead, she closed her eyes.

Finally I got her to stand nice but then again, she closed her eyes. Will I ever get a picture of her without her tongue out or eyes closed. I told her that Nan was a model dog and she was a brat.

Tess agreed to pose nice if she would get a cookie. You can see her tail is neatly trimmed also.

Last picture. See how broad of a chest she has. That must be from her sire, who is from Germany. She is very broad and square. She could play rugby while Nan would be the ballerina.

So, if you want your dogs groomed I have provided the website of Lisa's. She also clips my Livestock Guardian dog, Kodi!! My other Border Collies, also get groomed from her.

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