Monday, January 12, 2009

Heart Update and Work

I went to my Cardiologist on Friday since we were surrounded by water on Thursday. I took my truck which was a great idea as I had to 4 wheeling to get out. I drove out to 203 and had to drive around huge pools of water on 60th. I asked a DOT guy about Carnation Farm road and he said it was open. So I go down and turn left on Carnation Farm road and around the one barrier.

I drove down about 1/8 mile and realized the road was not quite ready for the general public usage. On the right side, the pavement is buckled and set at 45 degree angle to the road. The other side, the pavement was gone and there is a hole. There a bunch of people about and I stop and get out of my truck to look at the road. One guy just had driven across it in his truck and he said I could make it in my truck. I was not too sure so he ended up driving it over for me. Only truck with high clearance could make it and the line of cars behind would have to find another route. The DOT guy was so wrong.

The rest of road was wet and in one spot the water was still on the road so I drove on the dry side. Since I could not see the road, I was not going to take the chance of the pavement possibly being washed away.

At the office, they checked my Protime and it was 2.1 and that was between the margins they wanted. They also did and EKG. Dr. Condon came in and we chatted about the results. The arrhythmia was gone and the block (where my top and bottom part of heart was not in rhythm was gone). So in a nutshell, the two heart issues that I had were gone. He checked my heart rate and blood pressure and they were fine.

After it was all done, he said I was good to go and to come back in three months. At the end of the month, I could go off the blood thinner and just stay on the baby aspirin. That was the best news and he said I go back to normal activities.

Of course, he meant that I should not be tossing 50 lbs of hay about but ease into doing normal activities. That’s fine as I still have no stamina yet and am still weak.

Today was my first day at work and I worked most of the day. It was hard and by early afternoon, my chest was hurting on the heart side. I said hello to everyone and started to get caught up on my emails. It was nice to see the old gang again and I really missed them.

I got home after 4:00 p.m. and was wiped out. So much, in fact that I took a two hour nap. I guess my body is not quite up to speed. Getty made prime rib and veggies and he woke me up for dinner. The prime rib is from our locker steer and was quite good. He slow cooked it on the BBQ. It was very tasty and I noticed the wolverines….aka, Nan, Tess and Rainey were staring at Getty during dinner. And of course, they got their piece of prime rib.

Tomorrow I go back to work and we will figure out my part time schedule and so forth. I got my project back that I had been working on when I left. It’s a big project and I enjoyed working on it.

Now the girls are cuddled up to me on the couch. Actually I am squeezed in the corner and they are stretched out. Tess is hogging most of the couch. She had lots of practice over the summer!!

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Monique said...

Glad to hear your Dr visit went well.