Saturday, January 24, 2009

40 Things

OK, I got tagged with this and decided to add it to my blog.

Now I am going to tag Jennifer Glen, Lora Withnell, Amelia Smith, Monique Feyrecilde and Janet Thorpe.

1. I am Japanese, German and Norwegian.
2. My degree is in Electrical Engineering
3. I like desserts and my favorite is crème brolee.
4. My first Border Collie was Shiro and we got her over 15 years ago.
5. Shiro was the first Border Collie that I did any herding competitions with.
6. My brother is totally opposite of me as he is quiet and shy.
7. My mother makes the best Japanese food
8. My father was in the Army and we lived in a lot of places (Asia, Central America, many parts of the USA)
9. I taught English as a Second Language in Japan
10. After High School I was a studio model for a brief stint.
11. I was the shyest person in High School.
12. I was on the Drill Team in High School
13. I was the only women to graduate in my College class. I went to a private engineering college.
14. I played the violin and viola for years.
15. Sushi is my favorite meal, followed by seafood.
16. I was the Captain of the Women’s Ultimate Team that went to Worlds in 1992 in Japan. We got the bronze.
17. I feed my dogs my food from my plate.
18. I used to train horses when I was in my teens and sold them to buy my car and support my personal horse
19. I used to show horses in 4-H.
20. When I won my first Open Class, I called Scott Glen to thank him since he helped me and is my mentor.
21. I worked full time and put myself through college at night to get my degree.
22. I have been married for almost 13 years to Getty.
23. When I first went to college, (before I changed to EE), I was in Business Management/Journalism and Dance.
24. My father was a Deputy Sheriff after he retired from the Army. He busted me but didn’t arrest me at a drinking party. Actually, a lot of us were the Deputies daughters and we all got in trouble!!
25. In High School we poured Rock Salt on the lawn for our “YEAR” and the grass burned from the salt and stayed that way for year. They never found out who did it
26. I had a 67 Mustang and drove very fast. In fact, I always had sport cars, until I got Border Collies. Then I got a truck and sold the sports car.
27. I used to SCUBA dive and also was an assistant instructor.
28. I used to pitch softball for a AAA league.
29. I used played Flag Football on the men’s team for Boeing.
30. As a child, I would bring home all sort of wild animals and sneak them into the house. It would drive my mother batty.
31. I had a pet caiman, cotomundi, silky anteater and parrots as some of my pets.
32. I like a good home brewed beer
33. I enjoy training dogs and any animals
34. My dogs have pet nicknames
35. I love art and love to draw. I am learning how to do watercolors.
36. I work for the FAA and love my job
37. I believe in enjoying life and laughter and being positive.
38. I love doing brain teasers, crossword puzzles and Sudoku.
39. My favorite colors are purple and red.
40. My motto “Do what makes you Happy” (You only live once, you know!!)


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#25...uh oh...they know now!

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Hmmm... so are they supposed to be any 40 things, or 40 specific questions?

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any 40 that you want to tell us....