Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"5 for 25"

Folks, this is a great opportunity to support the 2009 USBCHA Nationals Finals. I am honored that people are sponsoring me and very grateful for their kindness. Please consider being part of a "5 for 25" sponsorship package.

I also donated as part of this "5 for 25" to sponsor Anna and her dog to go to the Cattledog Finals this year.

Details below and thanks to Sue R for this effort and write up.

People who love and admire the skills of the working Border Collie have the opportunity to see the these naturally-talented stockdogs at sheepdog and cattledog competitions throughout the country. The very best of the best come together annually to compete in the National Sheepdog Finals and the National Cattledog Finals.

The United States Border Collie Handlers Association and the American Border Collie Association (as the registry for working-bred dogs and a primary sponsor of the Finals competitions) support the International Sheepdog Association (ISDS) style trials that are the testing ground and showcase of the talents and training of the working Border Collie.

Handler and dogs teams can be sponsored at these events by a contribution of $125. But many people can't afford that level of contribution and so, last year, a group of people got together over the internet and through the United States Border Collie Club message boards, to sponsor handler/dog teams as groups. Each person contributed $25 (or more) so that four full sponsorships were raised (and these were matched by additional sponsors for a total of $1000 raised for last year's sheepdog finals).

This year, many of the same people are already committed to raising sponsorships for both the sheepdog and cattledog finals. So far, three sponsorships have been raised for each finals, for a total of $750 in support of the working Border Collie.

Those of us who are participating are honored this year to sponsor Diane Pagel, of Washington State, and two of her dogs, Tess or Lucy, and Nan, in the National Sheepdog Finals.

Diane and Nan's sponsors are Cindy (GA), Terry (VA), Carolyn (CA), Joan (TN), and Karen (TN). Diane and either Lucy or Tess (whichever dog goes) are Janeen (VA), Lisa (NC), Laura (KY), Joan (NY), and Sue (WV).

None of the donation money goes to the individual handlers but rather is in support of those handlers and their dogs by being a financial support for the Finals and a moral support for the sponsored teams.

This is an opportunity to support the working Border Collie through support of the top events of the sheepdog trialing year. Dogs of this breed, that originated in the Borders region of Scotland and England, are now found on farms and ranches throughout the United States and Canada (and much of the world), helping to manage livestock in a reduced-stress, economical, and efficient manner.

Trialing is one way in which to assess the training and potential of promising dogs, and help owners make sound breeding decisions by allowing them to see dogs at work on the field. It is essential that Border Collies are bred solely on working ability, to maintain the intelligence, soundness, stock sense, and other qualities that make the working Border Collie unique in the dog world. Quality breeding is essential to the future of one of the world's greatest and most useful breeds of dog.

If you would like to be a part of this endeavor to support the working Border Collie through sponsorships at the 2009 National Sheepdog Finals or 2009 National Cattledog Finals, you can contribute through the respective websites or be part of a group sponsorship by contacting Sue Rayburn at susan.rayburn@gmail.com

http://www.nationalsheepdogfinals.com/ <<<----2009 Nationals Finals Website

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