Friday, January 9, 2009

Cleo is alive!!

Cleopatra aka "Cleo" is alive. She is the Egyptian Fayoumis that flew out of the coop during the midnight chicken movement and I had thought she flew into the floodwater. Well, she is alive. She is a tough, little hen and has mind of her own.

Some of the characteristic of the Egyptian Fayoumis are that they were raised along the Nile river for hundreds of years and learned to survive. They are a rare breed and hard to find in the USA. She is from McMurray Hatchery. They are very hardy and a bit on the wild side. They thrive under tough conditions and manage to stay alive in adverse conditions.

Enter “Cleo“, who flew off into the flood waters during the night of the flood. This morning she was by the house and made herself at home. We took her to the other hens and she immediately helped herself to food.

Cleo is a bit wet and bedraggled but considering she was on her own for 36 hours and flew into the water, and managed to get herself out of the water and to dry ground and survive is quite a feat.

I put fresh hay into the chicken coop and at dusk all the chickens were back in. I did notice that Cleo was on the highest roost.

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bramblebraeusa said...

Holy cow! Those pics are something. Glad you are getting a little relief. I'll keep thinking sunshine... Andy Healy - BrambleBrae Cluns