Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Aftermath

Some pictures after the flood. The flood is still here and about 50% of our land is still under water. Click on the pixs for a larger view.

Here is my trailer back in the original spot. Tess is by the back end. In front of the trailer you can see the debris that was left. If we didn't move the trailer, it would had water in the back.

After the flood. Large stumps and logs floated in and damaged the fence. The wood feeder floated and got stuck on the fence.

The metal feeder surrounded by logs and stumps.

View from the barn. Now you can see my round pen, or at least half of it.

See the debris that is past the gate. The black plastic poles are markers that Getty put up to track the water rise. The one to the left was put in at 1:00 a.m. on Thursday and the one to the left was at 5:00 a.m.

This is the field that I rent. I took this on Friday. You can see the tops of my training panels in the field.

Another view of the neighbor's pasture that faces to our house.

See how far the water has gone down? The debris is up about 20 ft from the water. I am on the road.

I took this from my truck so hence the poor quality. See the large white hay bales to the left side. Just prior to this pixs, they were all over the highway. They just opened the road.

Across from the dairy farm. The fence is destroyed. Over 4.5 ft of water was here. There was a lot of debris on the highway and they pushed it off.

George moving the large hay bales with his tractor. This was taken on Friday just before we all brought his cows back to this farm.

The flood took a lot of the stuff from the dairy and scattered it all over. You can see the aftermath.

Road - of many. The Carnation Farm road had buckled and huge chunks of pavements were scattered and a huge crater was on one side.

Inside the dairy farm being cleaned.

The National Guard was here. I took this as I was driving by so it is not the best. They have been here for a few days.

Tolt River closed. One of the many closed signs. The valley was closed and we all were surrounded by water.

Looking down Tolt River road....covered with mud.

Across from Tolt River road. This house had quite a bit water in it. They got flooded out.

Boxes along the highway from the flood.

Trucks, cars, RV, Quads and tractors on the highway. All covered with mud and debris.

The view driving north into town. It is about three blocks long and no stoplights. One tavern, one Starbucks, a Variety store, a QFC, one gas station, and several restaurants, two Churches and an Ace's Hardware is out town. One Church is where people gather in times of crisis for meeting. It is a nice Church and very community based.

The pizza, Chinese, Starbucks and Variety Store in the center of town. The Starbucks is a very popular place.

This the the road that heads to my house (60th). It was under four feet of water. This road NEVER floods so it was a first. The flood is the worse since they first started to record floods since 1932.

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