Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emma, the Arabian working the sheep.

Emma is one of my two Arabians. Emmy is the other one. The two names are very close and people sometimes get confused.
This Emma is a Desperado V daughter. She is an ex-show horse and now is my trail horse. The Varian horses are know to be excellent *cow ponies*.

Emma has to make do with sheep. I took these in December.

Click on the pixs to see a larger view.

Emma and Rigby. He is friends with her. Notice Emma is giving Rigby his *space*. She already got the paw swat once and remembers it.

I just put the Katahdins with Emma. Her working instinct kicked in.

Thinking about her next move.

OK, time to move the sheep.

Taking them of the fence.

Keeping an ear towards me. I love how I got her mane in the air.

Emma had to come up and check in with me.

Ok, a little more sheep herding. She didn't grip them but certain made her point of telling them to move. I love this pix!!

"Move Faster"

The innocent look.

Rest time.

A little prancing is in order.

So more prancing.

OK, a little display of her cute trot.

"Bye, and come back again"

Emma was quite pleased with herself in working the sheep. She kept them in a group and in the area near me. If one tried to spilt off, she would crouch and do the cutting horse move and put it back in.

She glanced over to Tess and Nan when she was done as if to say "I am just a good as you are. So there!!"

Note: No sheep or cat were harmed. Maybe Tess and Nan's pride might have been a little wounded as they didn't get to work the sheep.


sheepkelpie said...

That horse has a lot of cow in her... Beautiful, and wild- the essence of Arabians. Cool, very cool

dreameyce said...

WOW! It's nice to see an Arabian with brains and beauty! When I worked at the stable, we saw a lot of either ugly working Arabs, or beautiful horses, with pea brains!

BEAUTIFUL horse :)

Dianna said...

What a lovely mare! She looks alot like her Sire.

Janet said...

Your Emma pics are absolutely gorgeous. The one of her mane extended out is worthy of print ads. You should sent it to a horse fancier magazine. Emma is a beautiful horse.

fulltiltbcs said...

What a beautiful horse...I love Arabians...great pictures!!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

She is an awesome mare and I love her. I am partial to the Polish arabs.

How many of you have horses and what breed?

dreameyce said...

I don't own horses now, but I've owned one horse, leased one, and ridden quite a few. The horse I've personally owned was a QH. I've leased a Hackney (4-H), and played a lot with TWHs, and other random breeds, and horses at the barn, and friends.

I'm far from being an experienced horse person though, I just thrive on spending time with them! When we move, I have hopes of getting a trail TWH, or Paso. I am a total sucker for the gaited breeds!

fulltiltbcs said...

Until about a year ago I had a lovely Appy, she was one of those "once in a lifetime" horses...knew what you wanted and just did it :) Love that girl and miss her now that she is gone.

Before that Arabs and Saddlebreds...

Now we don't have any horses...just not ready yet :(

Dianna said...

I currently have one AQHA gelding. He is currently for sale as my dog activities have gotten in the way of my horse activities, so I have had to choose. I have known and ridden many Arabians however my good friend and former roommate has many of them. This is why I have seen Desperado V(well pics of him, but foals of his in person), I've gone to Arab shows etc for years with her. Arabians get a bad rap sometimes, which is very undeserved.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Feel free to post something about your horse for sale. Or if you want a horse on this comments sections.

Dianna said...


Levi is a 2004 Dark Brown AQHA gelding. He is by Gucci Only who is a son of Invitation Only. He has been started, and wouldn't take much to get him into the show ring (just some transition work, see below...lazy). He is 15.3, and will do very well in Western Pleasure and Trail. He has the stride for hunt, but prefers to move with less effort. Ok...he is L.A.Z.Y. Very sweet, and learns fast. He is Incentive Fund. my email: