Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whidbey Island Photos

Here are some photos from the Whidbey Island Trial. Click on the pixs for a larger view.

Tess doing her warm-up hug before our run. She is sticking her tongue out.
Tess on the fetch. She is holding the draw. She is also pushy on the fetch.

Nice turn at the post. She is very calm and settled the sheep.

Setting up for the shed. She is waiting for me to call her through.

Nan hanging out before her run. She has spotted the sheep at the top.

Nan on the fetch. She is bringing the sheep nice and straight to me.

Nan on the crossdrive. She is on the proper edge of the bubble. She had the best crossdrive and drive of the day. She only lost 5 points.

Scott on the fetch. Janet is running Scott in PN and ranch.

Scott holding the draw. The sheep want to bolt to the exhaust and he is holding them online.

See the sheep lean towards the draw. See Scott keep them online.

Holding the line but a little off.

First leg of the drive. He rates his stock very well.

Janet penning with Scott.

Sue MacDonald with her Open dog, Bess. Sue and George ran this trial. Much thanks to them and to Susan for the use of her lovely farm and sheep.

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BarnHag said...

Very impressive! I grew up in Wyoming and we had working sheep dogs for our bands. Funny, I don't remember my dad training them except to put a pup in with a seasoned dog.

We used to drive big bands up to the BLM land for summer grazing (including the sheepwagon) with me horseback and one dog. It took about 5 days but it remains one of my fondest memories of being a kid. Later, the sheep herder would come up (the old timers called them "Bascos" - from the Basque region in Spain/Portugal?) In any event the herder would stay up there for the summer with the band. The dogs were brilliant and rarely needed much direction on these trips.

If you are ever showing/competing in the southwestern Colorado area I'd love to come cheer you on!