Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flood Part Two

Here are some pixs from the flooding on our farm.

The land in the lower pasture. The water was around the rock earlier.

The gate that the sheep had to swim through. Last night the water was up much higher. My feeder is floating away and notice the large stumps and logs that have floated in. See where the large log is in the back. That is where the sheep were last night. See the top of the fence posts in the back. That is our drivway under four feet of water.

The pond pasture that normally has a tiny pond in it. Now is is one big pond.

A big view of the lambing corral. See that most of it is under water.

My lambing corral. You can see how close the water is to the barn.

My lambing corral. At the bottom of it, there is about three feet of water.

This is the island. The bridge is under 8 feet of water. All you can see of the island is the tall trees. The other trees are under the water.

The back lawn pasture. See how steep the hill is to our house.

View of my lower pasture. There is a fence below the water. Under the tree is about 8 feet of water. That is where the sheep like to hang out.

This is my lambing corral. There is about 10 feet to the barn.

The view from the north side of the barn. This is next to the barn. That is all the land left on the lower pasture.

My lower pasture gate. The water was around the lower barrel and the rock.

My lower pasture gate which in under water.

The sheep on the back lawn pasture.

One of the visitor calves.

This is the back lawn pasture. See how close it is to the house.

Frank meets Rigby for the first time. Rigby let Frank know *WHO* was in charge and it wasn't Frank.

Rigby and Frank.

Staying with his flock. They finally accepted him.

Hanging out with his sheep.

Frank thinking about something. Maybe "sunshine?"

Frank, the Maremma pup.

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Laura said...

Holy crap, Diane! It looks like your entire place is under water :(
I suppose it's lucky the water didn't flood the house or barn. Still--yipes!