Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The World Of Sheepdogs: A Photographic Tribute

My friends, Angie and Kelvin who live in the UK have a new book coming out. It is a limited edition, only 500 copies will be sold. This means it will be a collectors item.

What is so cool about the book.
  • 52 dogs and handlers from 19 countries will be featured in the book
  • Pedigrees of the dogs
  • Worldwide coverage- UK, North America, NZ to Europe
  • World Champions 2002-2008
  • International Supreme Champions 1906-2008
  • Continental Champions 1985-2008
  • Scandanavian Champions 1998-2008
  • USBCHA Champions 1979-2008
  • 130 color photos
From their website:

The World of Sheepdogs is a photographic tribute to working sheepdogs the world over. It quenches the thirst of the many border collie enthusiasts by bringing to life some of the dogs and handlers that most of us only get to read about in the results columns of local newspapers. The book features fifty-two dogs and their handlers from nineteen countries, plus many more photographs of top ranked border collies.

I have known Angie and Kelvin for a very long time and consider them as one of my best friends. I visited them in Aug 07 and had the time of my life!! This is a great opportunity to get a high quality book on Border Collies complete with pedigrees, photos and information
Order yours now while they still have some. As of tonight, she had sold close to a hundred and I expect the rest to go fast, so do not wait. Once they are gone, that's it!!
Go to the website and the information will be there.
Happy ordering.

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Kathy said...

I reserved my copy and one of my friends did too. Angie emailed me back quickly and sounds like such a nice gal. She told me this evening that she has about 200 books sold so far. It looks like a wonderful book to add to any Border Collie owner's library.

Thanks for letting know about it, Diane.