Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Puppy Power

Judy held a sheepdog trial this weekend. She had these two adorable puppies (not for sale) They were in the x-pen and being quite cute. I had to take some pixs of them.

Checking out the handlers. Very sweet and just darling.

" I am sticking my tongue out at you...so there!!"

With a strong gust of wind, this little pup will soar away.

Something smells good. Fresh sheep poop....yummy!!

Let me practice the "cute eyes" on you...is it working?

Hum, some more sheep poop. Lots of exciting smells.

What is that in the distance....white, fuzzy, objects....sheep?

Let me run to you and get some puppy pets.....

I think I am going to close my eyes the same time you will be taking this pix

OK, the right ears goes this way and the left ear goes that way.

Judy and one of the pups practicing the perfect cute sit. "Now, do I get a cookie?"

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Jodi said...

Hey! That looks an awful lot like THIS puppy!