Monday, January 19, 2009

3 years ago- BARN FIRE - Part eight

Feb 8 (date in 2006 this was written)
Time sure flies by.

On Friday, Kevin Jones of Specialized Construction Services LLC, stopped by and took a look at the site. His wife, Dr. Victoria Jones is my eye vet and had heard about our plight. They offered to bring gravel in and level the site for the barn. I am truly blessed by their generosity. Kevin, the kind person that he is, volunteered to donate his time, equipment and get us gravel for the site. We are so overwhelmed by their kindness. I hope in my lifetime I can do a act as kind as he has done for me for someone else in need. Victoria is one special person too!!

This last weekend the FAA guys came out and worked on the shed. They picked the windiest day of the year ...wind gust were about 40-60 and the roof was flying off and it was bone cold. The American Flag was at full sail and whitecaps were on the ponds....and the guys hung in there (or should I say hung on) and got all but the last pieces of the roof on but darkness set in and they had to quit.

The crew was Varun, Walter, Kelly, Steve - all from last week and Ken Frey and Nick Kusz made the first time appearance this weekend. Then we had the debris removal crew which was of Amy (donation coordinator and a blessing!!), Jeff Boone (web master), Nancy and Scott Burke (Aussie rescue) and my dear brother Nelson.The FAA guys were working on the shed and the debris gang covered the 80 x 70 ft of burnt barn area and picked up glass and metal. The fire had burned everything to the ground but we managed to find tons of stuff, enough to make a 10 x 8 ft pile of garbage. We sure smelled really bad after this work!! Like, you didn't want to be downwind of us. One would think that picking up burnt stuff would not be a dirty job, but couple that with burnt dirt, ashes, charred wood, burnt organic material, soft mud and then a rain and a prime recipe for smelly, stinky people.

Lucky for us, the chefs up at the house (Tony and MaryAnn- again for the 2nd weekend in a row), didn't say anything about our smelly attire!! The food was hot and fit the bill and soon we were full and happy and not to mention WARM!!!The debris crew left late in the afternoon and the shed gang worked until darkness.

All in all, it was a very busy day and we were tired after all of this.Sunday was a day of rest. Erin, Amy and I watched the game and ate well. We had fun cheering for the Seahawks. So did the dogs!!

Today, Varun, Walter and Kelly came out after lunch and finished the shed. I appreciate that they did this, took time off from work to do this. This really means a lot. It was sunny and no wind. They finished the shed and it is one well built shed. Pictures will be on the main site soon. It needs a name and I have asked the guys to come up with a name for the shed. It will house the mother ewes and new lambs.

I have the best job in the world to be working for the FAA and with the guys like these!!

Kevin Jones stopped by. His brother came out and leveled out the site. The gravel trucks brought loads of gravel and by evening it started to look so much nicer and cleaner. No more burnt, ugly smelly scar. He scraped the burnt ashes off in a pile, a put fresh clean gravel and now when I walk by I can see a new beginning. I feel so much better inside and the ache is going away.

Today is the Phoenix. Thank you Kevin Jones and Specialized Construction Services LLC for making this a new life.

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