Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frank...ah, little Frankie!!!

I had introduced Frank to you earlier. Here he is again. I just released him from the lambing corral into the lower pasture with the main flock

"Aren't I adorable?"

Still looking just too darn cute.

He fit right in with the main flock

Frank checking out some noise to the right.

Frank sees me and comes a dashin'

Must check out good smells.
Tonight when I got home from the trial, Frank was back in the lambing corral. I asked Chuck if he had put him back in as I wanted Frank to blend with the main flock. Apparently, Frank had dug a hole between the fences and got back into the lambing corral with the sheep that he has been living with. I guess he is very devoted to his first flock. Soon, those sheep will be kicked out to join the main flock. Kodi and Frank are starting to warm up to each other. I think soon they will be friends. Frank is learning to warm up to people as he has not been handled at all and was scared of people when he arrived. Now I can pet him on the head for a minute and he is learning to be friendly.

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