Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 17 trial

Saturday was a great day for a sheepdog trial. Judy held one of her Winter Series sheepdog trials. This on was held down in Roy, Wa. I appreciate that Judy hosts a series of trials. Sue/George MacDonald and Dirk/Sony also host them too.

Anson enjoyed the trial too. He was not running but Kathleen brought him to visit. Here he is just having a fun time running about.

I like this pix of him. He is so full of life. Anson is Tess x Delmar Scot and just turned one year old in December. He is very much like his dad!!

Bob Hickman. He is our WASH president. It seems like everytime I was trying to take a pix, he was in it. So here he is in his own private pix!! He is a cool guy.

The gang around Judy's RV and she just served lunch. It was tasty.

Tess was lame so stayed home to snuggle with Getty. Nan and I made the trek to the field. Nan was very pushy and a bit tight on her flanks but overall I was happy. We placed mid pack but she took all the downs and was a willing partner. The doodling on the drive (tight flanks) was nine points that kept us out of the top. The last trial she only lost five points on her drive.

On her outrun, she spotted a horse galloping about and locked on that. She went straight up the field and I stopped her and reflanked her and she still was fixated on the horse. I stopped her again and then she took a big redirect and saw the sheep and came up nice and lifted them well. She was pushy on the fetch and the sheep weaved a bit. She had a nice turn at the post and a great, direct first leg and a wide turn then a little low. Her flanks were tight and that caused a little zigzag and she had a nice turn at the cross drive and then snuck the sheep a bit inside before she straightened them out.

Her line to the chute was honest and clean and she marched them in. In the shed, the sheep were clinging together like teenagers on a first date and all the flanks I asked Nan were nice and square. I called her in but missed the hole and then we ran out of time. I was very happy with how well her flanks were in the ring and how she tried so hard

Nan certainly was pleased with herself and kept dancing around me. I praised her and she was happy and we both walked to the exhaust.

Nan was loose with me all day and was quite the social butterfly. A couple of times, I got worried as she was not next to me, but she was 10 feet away, working on someone to give her some of their lunch. They did.

I remember a year ago when she would slink away and sit at the edge while Tess would work the crowd. She would let people pet her but not approach them. Now, she works the crowd with Tess and if I don’t keep an eye on her, she will have someone convince to share their lunch with her or give her belly rubs. She is quite a character too.

She certainly enjoyed being the only dog with me today. She got the coveted spot to lean her head on the back of my seat. She got my undivided attention and all of my leftovers. She is a dear dog that enjoys just being herself.

There were some very nice runs and it was a fun day. A bit chilly but sunny. . I scribed for the Novice and Ranch runs. There are some very nice youngsters coming up.
The next trial is Jan 31st and will be at Dirk’s in Sedro Woolley. Now, that course is very tough


sheepkelpie said...

Nan is one pretty girl! Love those series of shots!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I love her very much....she is very expressive!!

and a good dog to pose for the camera!!

Thanks for your kind words