Sunday, January 18, 2009

Break's last workout

Break is leaving on Tuesday to be Lisa Webb's new partner in trialing. We certainly enjoyed Break when he was here and he was one of the favorite dogs.

Today was his last workout session.

Click on the pixs for a larger view.
NOTE: Added more pixs on Jan 19.

Break just hanging out. He is good looking tri male with a loving personality.

It was very foggy in the valley this morning. It was very surreal at times.

We tried to get Break to stand for a photo shoot but he would only dance or lie down. Here Janet is picking him up to stand him up. It failed as he kept kissing her. I love this photo. He is a very honest dog and loves people. Janet is a former model too!!

Break fetching the sheep out of the fog bank. He walks very strong and confident on the sheep.

Walking forward. He is pushing the sheep to hold them on the fence.

Kathleen is working Break. I love the fog in the adds a new dimension.

Doing a short drive. He is learning to lean into the sheep to drive.

Later in the day, the fog lifted so we took more pixs. He has a nice, long stride.

Gathering the sheep. He has a nice feel and rates very well.

Here he is pushing them to the fence and holding them. See how confidently he is pushing the sheep.

This is a two part shot. After he pushed the sheep to the fence, then he had to squeeze between the fence and sheep and pull them off. Notice, the sheep are moving off the fence. Break is behind the sheep and along the fence.

Notice, he had gone between the sheep and the fence. He is quite confident and does it with ease. He goes both ways and now takes them off the fence with no problem. See his body and how confident he is behind the sheep.

Break going out with vigor!! And on that note, we will bid Break "Good Bye" and we will post on his progress later in this blog.


Kathy said...

Those are nice pictures. What kind of camera do you use?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

It's a Canon 40D....I love it!!