Monday, January 19, 2009

3 years ago- BARN FIRE - Part six

Jan 29th Update

The weekend has come and gone. The sheep shed is mostly done. Varun, Walt, Kelly and Steve from the FAA came out and started assembling the shed. (I work at the FAA with these guys and they are amazing guys!!) Jeff Rogers, a herding friend also spent most of the day helping doing the shed work. Varun brought Jared and James (cousin) and they had a blast playing with the animals and doing odd and end bits of work too. Such energy in children!!

The guys need to put the roof on the shed still and will come back to finish that. The shed is for the pregnant ewes that are soon to lamb. We have no dry stall or shed for the moms-to-be so having the guys build this shed is wonderful. I am really blessed by Varun, Walt, Kelly, Steve and Jeff to take the time to do this for me.

Kelly moved the one dog kennel to a dry and clean location. It's pretty much trashed but until I get a new kennels it will do. The other kennels are also history. Amy Bradley and Erin O'Brien (herding students) spent most of the day helping me move gravel and take care of sheep and tons of assorted work. Tony Castillos and MaryAnn manned the kitchen and had hot drinks and hot lunch for the gang.

King 5 came out and did a special feature on Kodiak. It aired on Sunday at 5:00. Roberta Romero and Allen were from King 5 and were very nice. Joe Decker dropped his debris clearing equipment off. He will start the debris removal On Monday. He is a wonderful person to help us out on this. If you need a person for excavating, he is the man!! Great person with a customer service of 5 stars.

It was one busy Sunday!! More updates to follow

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