Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rainey...little but all attitude....

Delmar Scot (sire!!)

Another pix of Scott

Deltabluez Tess (dam!!)
Rainey.....who does she remind you of?

Dropping the head down and using her eye.

One ear up and one ear down

Walking into the sheep

Two ears up. She is fearless

Coming on strong on her fetch.

Leaning on the sheep.
At the top and keeping her eye on the sheep
Almost at the top.
She comes on strong to her sheep. She has never backed down from the sheep. She will grip the nose if needed!!
She works a lot like her sire. See the resemblance.

And this is a pose like her mother.

Rainey turned one year old in November. She is a very strong pup with lots of heart. She will hold the sheep of the feeders and work in the tight stalls. She is very clever and not afraid of sheep. She is full of attitude and is going to be one nice working dog when she grows up. She has eyes but if free flowing and is aware of the stock at all time. She is a joy to work and wants to please. She has pulled 30 plus ewes off grain and backed down a ram.
She is a little dog, a bit over 27 pounds but a fireball. But the best thing she has going for her is that she is a LSU fan and Getty's lapwarmer during the football games.


sheepkelpie said...

Rainey is after my heart. A little bitch with a big heart. Can it get any better than that? Something about them facing up to something way bigger than them, and not even thinking about giving ground. It isn't something you can put in them. That's all heart, and it is pretty much what separates the women from the girls ;)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

So true. Rainey has her mama's heart...she will do anything you ask of her, even if it above her head. She is so devoted but then again, she is a LSU fan!!

Getty just dotes on her and she is so spoiled. It makes a big difference if you dote on the dog.....they go that extra step.