Monday, January 19, 2009

3 years ago- BARN FIRE - Part five

Jan 28th Update (date in 2006 this was written)

Well, barn shopping is not a job for the faint hearted. First, hardly any barn companies are open on Saturday. We talked to a couple of folks and guessing/quotes are $50,000. Yep, with the Insurance check for about half of that amount, those quotes are a no-go. We are checking into a pole type of Barn. Again, many phone calls and no one home. Will try again on Monday.

Went to Home Depot and GI Joe to get an estimate of the stuff we lost in the fire. Ever walk down aisles and imagine all what you had, it is amazing. There is so much stuff that we lost and we probably haven't gotten anywhere near the total. We still have to do the camping, outdoor gear, music and livestock tallies.
By the time I fill in the loss form, I have a major migraine. Words to the wise....walk your barn, houses, whatever with a video camera and put the tape in a safe place. Obviously, not back in the house you just what good will it do, if your house burns down and your video tape of the contents was in the house.

On a sad note, one of the Katadhin ewes who had smoke inhalation died in spite of the medication. She was too far gone. She will be missed and was one of the original ewes that I got from Patrick Shannahan.

Tomorrow the guys from work (FAA) are coming out to put up a 10 x 20 ft sheep shed for me. Those guys just rock. I am blessed to work with a great and caring group of people.

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