Monday, October 13, 2008

Who is the loudest snorer?

It’s been a busy last two days which I wanted. On Sunday, I gave a few lessons and did a bunch of chores. Not that is very important BUT I did not take a pain pill during the day. My chest did ache and when it did, I would sit down for a while and that seemed to help. I have not taken a day pain pill since Friday. I take one at night but tonight will only take ½ pill. So that will be my plan for now on and in a week I plan to be off the pills UNLESS I really hurt badly. I am going to ask my Cardiologist tomorrow if I can take Advil or something like that instead of a pain pill during the day. The ache in the chest in the upper right area. It is redder that the other area too.

My energy is much better and I can go longer. I am lifting heavier items and walking faster and not tiring more. I am feeling much better. What I do notice is that since I am 115 lbs than my 130 lbs, I feel the cold much, much more. My feet ache and get cold too. When I was 130 lbs, I was power weight lifting and working out so it was muscle mass. I still looked thin but I was much more muscular. Now, I look too darn thin and feel the difference. It has been hell trying to get the extra 15 lbs and you may laugh but I really want those 15 more pounds. I have ice cream or a milk shake each night. I eat candy and lots of fatty foods. I am lifting more weights and walking farther and faster. I am adding protein powder to my diet. Got any suggestions?

You may laugh but I was 105 lbs for years, and then got up to 130 lbs via weight lifting and it made a huge difference in my life. I was more energetic, was not as sick and ready to go. When I would play competitive sports, I had that extra edge. When I would train dogs, I go walk/run up my 600 yards long field for hours, maybe going up/down the field 15-20 times. I like that extra edge. I went from a size 2 to a size 6 and was happy.

So, my goal is to get my 15 lbs back, get off the pain pills, get my heart re-set from the arrhythmia, get off the other pills and then get back to work and the working the dogs. Oh yes, and get my Christmas shopping done too!!

Back to Sunday. I sold a locker lamb first thing in the morning. Tess was more than happy to bring it to me so the guy could grab it. The lamb was not happy and rightly so. Then Tony and Faye came over and we went to the big field. We worked Faye but she had a mind of her own. I worked with Tony on the first session then took a break on the second part. I also wanted to see if Faye would listen to him and she did. Kathleen showed up with Emma and Anson. She has been taking Anson all over the place and getting his socialized as well getting him introduced to sheep. His stops were nice and he took her pressure. She is a very encouraging handler to the dogs. They work well for her. Emma was doing nice slow drives and had vastly improved from the week before. Emma has to be shown what you want done and then she picks up on it and does it. She is a very smart pup.

Later Audrey came with Dan and we worked on him bending out doing close work. We worked him at the pen and then at the gate. At the end, he was bending out nice for Audrey and doing quiet lie downs. They had a hard but fruitful session. Dan worked well for Audrey and his respect was noticeable. She got him to bend out square instead of slicing in. I really liked how well they worked and the huge progress they had made. Dan is a lot of dog but one helluva dog. He is one of the Tess/Pleat pups.

I got back to the farm and Monique had her lesson while I watched. By this time, I had done close to 3 hours of lessons and was tired. Everyone helped me with chores. Monique and Janet (and Tess) brought the sheep back from the far pasture so they would be ready for shearing. Then Janet and I had to tattoo a few ewe lambs. I managed to get the green tattoo paste all over me.

By the time I was done, I was wiped out. I had to take a pain pill. I crashed hard and woke up at 6:30 to get ready for the shearer. Tomorrow I will write about the shearing.

Even though I was wiped out I was not hurting too much. I was hurting enough to take a pain pill so I could sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I slept hard and well and it was good. Tess slept next to me as she was the back up dog, sorting dog and did sheep work. I am not sure who snored the loudest but I know she was snoring. I am sure I was snoring too. We were the snoring team and proud of it.


Anonymous said...

The trick to gaining weight (healthily) is to add some higher caloric density type items that won't take up as much space in your tummy. Like nuts. Oh, and for when I'm having trouble accidently LOSING weight I keep a few pints of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer. I know exactly what you mean about getting cold. Recently I was a tad underweight and I was freezing all the stupid time. It's a real concern - particularly with winter coming. I hope you're able to put on the weight that you want!

Oh, and mindless carbs will help too. Potatoes, white rice, blah blah blah.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Great, I ate a bunch of pistachios last night and thanked you for it!!

Tonight I am going to have Jasmine rice and Miso soup and then a double deck ice cream sundae.