Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a little bit of this and that....

Today was one of those days that was a little bit of this and that. I went to my Doctors this morning for my blood test (the one they test for how thin your blood is) and it was 2.9. The range they want me to be in is 2.0-3.0. Once they get that stable then they will do the heart procedure.

Since I was tooling about, after the Dr appt, I went to Cash-N-Carry. It's like Costco but you don't have to pay a membership fee. They had food in bulk and that is it.

I got more Cherry, Raspberry and Orange syrup to make my Italian Sodas. Then I had to get some organic bananas too. And Steak Seasoning. I decided to leave as I could get a lot more stuff.

I got home and then took my Vicodin. I needed it by then as it was 10ish. I am feeling much better than I was yesterday. Thanks Goodness.

Scott came by to pick up Sava and Lucy and spend the night. Monique came over and we worked dogs. I got some dandy tips on helping Nan on her flanks. Monique worked Break and Finn. He gave a demo of Maid doing a semi double lift - blind setout - sheep were hiding in marsh and not only she did that but had to bring the sheep at a dog leg.

We all went out to dinner for Chinese food except for the spouse, Getty. He was still sick from the flu so we brough him some spring rolls. He ate some of them and joined us as we watched Baseball. Actually Getty and Scott watched Baseball while I futzed.

I took my second Vicodin but the good news is that my chest was not hurting. Bad news I am wore out. Scott did make fun of me when we drove to dinner that I had to use Pinky as a heart cushion. Pinky is a great heart cushion.

Off to bed as today was a little bit of this and that but not a whole lot of one thing.

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