Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ruler...

Rigby is the King of the farm. Tiny in size but big in heart. He rules the Border Collies.
When the last set of pups were born, he was in the box with them as they grew up and ate with them and played with them. He taught the pups that cats ruled the farm and they better listen to him.
The LGD also know that Rigby is the boss. One ewe tried to stamp at him and she got a paw to the nose and then she beat a hasty retreat.

Rigby by the hay shed.
Rainey spies Rigby and tries the sneak approach.
Rainey thinks if she lies down that Rigby might not see her.
BUSTED. Raieny gets closer to the ground as she knows she will be in trouble. Rigby is giving her the *evil* glare. Not a wise move on Rainey's part to sneak up on Rigby. Last dog that did that got chased up to the house.

Rigby is licking his paw, just waiting for Rainey to get into range so he can jump her.

Rainey is starting to back up as she knows the "licking the paw" trick.

"Hey You" I say to the two and they both try to look so innocent.

What do you think? Are they both innocent?

Rainey decides to leave and go lie on the ground and act innocent again.

Rigby doesn't care if he acts innocent or not. He strutted off like it was no big deal but secretly wishing he didn't get busted so he could have chased Rainey about the farm. He will have to try it again some other time and place...that is when I am not there.
Rainey and Nan are his favorite dogs to chase. Nan is not amused.

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