Monday, October 6, 2008

Fake to the right, then to the left

Puppies will be puppies....well, sort of...Rainey is 11 months old and quite full of herself. at 29 lbs and the runt of the litter, she is by the one who uses her brain to get the most treats. Clip, who is about 35 lbs and Kael about 32 lbs are the typical boys. They want treats and they sit down for it. Simple and honest.

Rainey, the only girl in the litter and half the size when she was born, has sharpened her survival skills to the fullest.

Give her a treat and she will either eat it or stash it in the house. Today I was shaking out a blanket in the office and a pig ear fell out. Rainey had a shocked look on her face that I had discovered her secret stash, grabbed her pig ear and dashed off to the living room with it.

I did more cleaning and she came back and grabbed the other items she had stashed, a cow hoof, a chew toy and some smoked bones. All in all, she had some creative places for her stash. Behind her crate, under a dog bed, in a blanket, in a book box and in my bookcase.

All of the items she quickly grabbed and ran off with to the living room. No big deal on my part.

In case if you were wondering, Tess and Nan were sleeping in the bedroom.

So later in the afternoon, I was cleaning the living room. I picked up the new fleece dog bed and it was heavy and lumpy. There is an insert that is in the bottom, a thick heavy fleece.

Yep, you guess it. Rainey lifted the insert and stashed her bones and toy in it. The best part was she took a bunch of other toys and put them on TOP of the insert so if a dog was sniffing out her bed, they would see the toys on top of her bed and not the one stashed undeneath the insert. That way they would only take the fake treats and not her hidden stash.

She was appalled that I took her treats (pig ear, bones and toy) out from underneath the insert. She dashed off, yet once again, with her treasure and this time ran to the bedroom

I am afraid to lift the covers on the bed now. Very afraid.

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