Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We had the Scrapies Inspection yesterday. We are in our second year and passed. The Scrapies Inspector, Stacy, came out and she was here from last year.

Tess was the one doing all the work. First, she had to gather the flock and put them in the stalls or pens. The flock is split up into several flocks as the ram are with the ewes.

Tess is bringing the main flock in. It was a very warm and sunny day.

Two Clun Forest ewes. You can see part of the white Scrapies ear tag in their right ear.

Callie, my old pet ewe. She was the first to volunteer to be inspected.

Callie letting us know she is ready for a pet and some treats. We gave her both.

After we checked all the sheep, the work was done and Tess took a break. She jumped into the feeder expecting to snack on some leftover bread that the ewes might have left in the feeder barrel.
She was disappointed. There was no bread. See the look of disgust on her face.

OK, Tess said she will take the next best thing....."Sheep, Sheep"

Well, the sheep didn't show up so Tess called in for re-enforcements. Rigby arrived, hopefully to save the day.

Rigby took over the barrel duty.

Still looking hopeful, but no sheep. The sheep have wised up.

So Tess and Rigby left the field and stood by the gate. Tess gave Rigby a kiss for helping her.

Tess and Rigby still looking hopeful. They see sheep approaching.

But the sheep saw them and left. They had enough for the day. So Tess and Rigby just hung out....a dog and a cat...best friends...who would have thought?

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