Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bye-bye to Sava and Lucy and Hello to Mom and Kimiko

We bid adieu to Lucy and Sava today. They hopped in Scott’s truck to be with him for winter training. Then Scott left to go judge the Western Regional’s and we hope he had a safe journey. I took my morning Vicodin of ½ pill and I was fine. If I am going to be active, I take a full pill. If I am not, then I take a ½ pill. At night, I still take a full pill. My chest still does hurt but it is a numb type of pain than a “Holy Sh*t, I am going to fall to the floor” type of pain.

A few minutes later, Mom and Kimiko came over. Had Scott stayed he would be have a delicious Japanese lunch. I’ll be sure to tell him how good it was.

As usual, the girls went ballistic when Mom and Kimiko arrived. Tess ran and grabbed her new toy, dropped it, grabbed her plaid toy, dropped it, then grabbed her skunk toy and was so confused on what toy to bring them. So many choices!! She finally decided on her skunk toy. Nan, being the wiser one of the two, ran to the kitchen and sat in front of Kimiko, awaiting her treat.

She was not disappointed. Both dogs got a biscuit and then we went out to play toss. I got a new toy called a “catapult” which you catapult a ball. It tosses the ball quite far and you scoop it up with the toy and don’t get your hand yucky.

Kimiko was the pilot on the toy and she finally wore out Tess and Nan. Both dogs were beaming and then again, they were rewarded with treats.

Mom and Kimiko made Yaki-soba with shrimp, beef and squid. Getty was still sick but he ate some. Not leaving the girls out, Mom and Kimiko feed some Yaki-soba to them. I must have given them a funny look as they quickly said they took out the onions. No wonder the girls adore Mom and Kimiko.

And of course, the girls got fussed over. Petted, told that they were beautiful and just plain coddled. They soaked it all up. But when Mom or Kimiko tell them to *sit* or *lie down* they girls obey that command at warp speed. Much faster than they on the trial field.

We went and feed the animals and the cats got canned food. Cosmo has warmed up quite a bit and knows he gets spoiled when they show up. Rigby knows the routine already. Mom was saddened to see that one of the white duck babies has been eaten by an unknown animal. Getty didn’t put them away during the weekend when I was gone and one was killed. I am thinking it is a raccoon and will set a trap.

We cleaned up the tomato garden and the last of the beans. Next year, Mom and Kimiko want Scarlet beans, okra and tomatoes. We can do that.

Mom and Kimiko left as I began to fade. It started to rain and the timing was good. I decided to take a nap. Well, I tried. As soon as I closed my eyes, the neighbor Chase came over. My young heifer (black heifer) had jumped over the fence and joined up with his steers. We never could catch her so she stayed with Chase’s cows. He is going to take his cows to market so I told him to send my jumper along too. I don’t need a cow that jumps fences.

I gave up on my nap and went out and cleaned kennels. I worked Break, my new young dog. He is about 2 yrs old and is starting nice. Rainey wanted to work sheep but I am not quite ready to work her yet. She is a pistol and I am not healed enough to work her.
By the time I did my farm chores not only was I tired but need to take another ½ pill. So I went in and did just that. I had hotdogs for dinner which is one of the four basic food groups. The other three are ice cream, chocolate and cookies.

I plan to be only taking ½ pill during the day and 1 pill at night for another week then going to ½ pills per every 12 hours unless I need it. For example, if I drive or go to work. That tires me out and hurts. It’s an hour’s drive to work, then a few hours at work, and then an hour drive home and that wipes me out. Luckily for me, my work will also allow me to work from home.

Speaking of work, I need to go and work on some ice cream Perhaps you should too?

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