Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mom's pictures from Thursday....

My mom came over on Thursday. She has been coming over here once a week and we enjoy hanging out, The animals love it when she comes over as the girls (Tess and Nan) only listen to her and not me if they can and gets tons of dog biscuits, pig ears and people food and bread.

Plus she will fuss over them and toss the toys for them. In short, it's like going to Grandma's house and getting free rein. The girls have figured out that I am *mommy* and my Mom is *MOM* and Aunt Kimiko is *Aunt Kimiko*

A lot of times when Mom and Kimiko are in the kitchen trying to cook, the girls strategically position themselves around the floor so they can get treats while Mom and Kimiko cook lunch. I told them to boot the girls out of the kitchen so they would not be in the way, but they don't and they also add to it by feeding them while they are cooking.

Once I saw Tess laying on her back between the stove and sink and when she would open her mouth open, Mom would drop a treat in and she would close it. Repeat. Repeat.

It reminded me of baby birds in a nest while the mama birds who would show up and drop a treat in and fly off and come back and drop the treat in and all the baby birds would have to do was open their mouths.

Tess and Nan have the baby bird routine down in the kitchen worked out and I got in trouble when I tried to make them go to their rugs. Like they listened anyways when I called them.....they looked at me and then scooted closer to my mom who then said, "Leave them alone" and this mama bird (Diane) knew that she had lost the battle with the Queen Mama Bird (Mom)

So naturally, we had to take a Pix of Mom and her two nestling Border Collies in the Kitchen.

Tess, Mom and Nan, See how they are positioned in the kitchen.

We went outside to the barn and Red greeted us, He is a very tame Rhode Island Red rooster and will follow you for food. He is not aggressive but is very tame. I really like him. Tess and Nan do not think he even exists!!

The Sheep, cow and Emma the Arabian are waiting. We call this the chow line. They know the routine when mom shows up. They all fight to get to the prime seats,

The feeding begins. First note behind my mom is Tess. Mom will feed her bread as part of the deal. Red had moved up closer for his bread too. Mom tossed the bread in the wood barrels and the cow and sheep are eating it now. Mom loves doing it and I love watching her have fun.

Red is moving in closer to get some more. Tess is covering the rear for any stray bread. It's all about positioning when the bread is out.

Nan is in position too. The cow is staring at Nan. Neither one wanted to budge from the bread line. Both will get bread.

Emma, the Arabian is in positioning. She only get 3-4 pieces of bread and alfalfa. We also give her grain as we don't want her to eat too much bread. She loves to nicker to you and be petted.

After feeding we went back to the house. Rigby joined us and sat on the rock in the garden. Mom gave him canned kitty food in the barn Cosmo also got canned food and now comes out looking for Mom when she is here. Cosmo has gotten a lot friendlier and has decided to be very friendly to my mom as she gives him canned kitty food. He get dry food from me so you can see why Rigby and Cosmo are now Mom's best friends.

Mom and Rigby posing on the Garden rock

Another pose. Rigby is saying "I'll do this for a can of cat food"

The same pixs in black and white

Rigby looking innocent. He is by far, the least innocent animal on the farm.

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