Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of those good days

I loved today. It was a perfect day. First of all, my mom came over and then one of my best friends, Dr. Janet Neal (Chiropractor). And to boot, it was sunny. Well, for part of the day.

Mom showed up and the girls did the usual routine. Kimiko did not make it this time. Tess was so happy that she tried to bring her jolly ball from outside to inside the house, all three or four of them. Nan, being the smarter of the two, quickly ran to the kitchen where she knew she would get a treat. And she was duly rewarded. I made Tess leave her Jolly Balls at the door before she could come in the house. Then she got a treat.

My mom made fried chicken, shrimp, sweet potatoes and fries (Japanese style) plus rice balls. Gosh, I was so excited!! And she brought muffins too.
Janet showed up to give me an adjustment but we ate lunch first and chatted about old times. We gave my mom some vague hints of what we did when we were in 4-H. we had a great 4H leader named Margaret. She was only 25 years old and took on about 14 teenagers who were wild as March Hares. Margaret had the patience of a Saint and the kindness of Mother Theresa. Once a year, she would take us up into the mountains for a week on horseback. We would ride in about 26 miles and camp out for a week. It was wonderful.

Here is a story. One time we had the brilliant idea of rafting down the Elwha River. It is a major river and rafting down it with $1.98 air mattresses was not a good idea, in retrospect!! Janet and I went on a side part of the river than the major part and no one died but a couple of rafts croaked and a few people got wet. Of course as we were all recovering from our mis-adventures, Margaret shoed up and read us the riot act. She was the best 4H leader and from her, we learned to live life to the fullest. She would push us to our limits and we had a blast growing up.

Janet and I became best of friends growing up with horses. We still have horses and we are much more cautious now. But we laugh about our childhood exploits and enjoy the deep friendship we have now.

After our delicious lunch, Janet began to work on me. I asked her endless questions; after all I am an engineer. “Is it better than last time?”, “Are my ribs out more?”, “How is the mid back?” and so on. Janet patiently answered all of my questions as she adjusted me. I was better than last time but will never be perfect. My ribs were out and my left lung was not expanding as much as my right one, so she worked on my rib cage and then it was fine!! She worked on my back as well as my shoulders. I have been slumping forward to hold off the pain so she straightened me right up. She spent over an hours and fine tuned me back. I felt so much better and now I can type without hunching forward.

My mom didn’t want to be adjusted at first since the activator was loud but Janet got her to feel her back and then mom let Janet adjust her. My mom’s back and shoulder were in good shape. Her shoulder is far better condition than mine and you can see that her years of Yoga paid off.

Last on the list was Tess and Nan. Tess was spooked so I held her head while Janet adjusted her. Her front shoulders were a little stiff. Mom fed Tess kibbles so she would be distracted and Janet got her adjusted. Nan was far easier. She was nervous too but I held her head in my hands and talked to her and she stood for it. She was far braver than Tess.

Janet had to take off and I really appreciated that she drove up from her practice to adjust me. She has come up here several times to adjust me. If you need a good Chiropractor, and live in Puyallup, I highly recommend her. She doesn’t do a 2 minute adjustment but takes her time and is very thorough. I was blessed when we met over thirty four years ago at Roosevelt Junior High in P.E. class.

Mom and I went down to the barn to feed. We got bread so she got to feed the cow and sheep. The ducks and geese were not left out. Oh yes, can’t forget the chickens too!! Rigby had to supervise and then Cosmo lent a hand, eh, paw!!

We finished with the feeding and went back to the house and I took a pain pill. I didn’t take it earlier when Janet was here as I wanted to be alert when she adjusted me. It made a difference. Mom went home with two dozen farm eggs, a small token of my appreciation. I love my mom dearly. I look forward to her visits and we have a good time together. I not only consider her my mom but my best friend. Everyone should love their mom and your mom should be your one of your best friends.

Later in the evening, Chuck came over and we worked dogs. It was a perfect evening and the dogs worked well. It was nice to see the young pups; Clip and Rainey work the sheep. Clip at 40 pounds is ten pounds heavier than his slight sister, Rainey. But Rainey is bolder and doesn’t let her small size deter her. She has her sire’s eye, which pulls her into the sheep where Clip is freer flowing.

Chuck was beaming when he left with his wet but happy dogs. He will be back on Monday for shearing.

Getty and I ended up the evening by watching CSI where Warrick dies. I am bummed as I really like him on the show, He was serious eye candy. Now, I will just have to stare at my other eye candy, my husband, Getty. He has been my eye candy for over sixteen years. Who is your eye candy?

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