Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One year ago (plus or/minus a few months)

Lat July/August I went on a business trip to the UK for work. I work for the FAA as a Aerospace Certification Engineer. A bunch of us and other folks (non FAA) spent a week in Cardiff. I love working for the FAA and it is a great place. I work with a bunch of great, ethical people and I enjoy my job. It is perhaps the best job that I have ever had!! (I had wrote a little bit about my trip before)

Since I had some vacation time, I took an extra week off and went to visit Angie and Kevlin. They lived in Scotland.

The view from our Hotel in Cardiff. It was a very nice hotel. We worked long hours so all I remember of the hotel was sleeping and eating. The food was great. The bed was soft.

The crew that I worked with. Bill, Steve, James, Me!! and John. All FAA except for James. These guys were great to work with and had tons of knowledge.

Notice how large the suit I have on. It is made for a guy weighing 185 and 6 feet tall. I am 125 and 5'5" tall. Since I was the smallest one of the group, I got to crawl around the belly of the plane.

John and Bill, two FAA guys. Some of the most talented guys I have ever worked with. Not to mention the best guys to hang out with.

Stephen and me at the facility. Stephen is super smart and a funny guy to boot. We make a great team working on projects together.

So after the work part, I headed north to go to Angie and Kelvin's place.

My bonus was getting two pups. Sava and Coll. I got them from Alen Owen and they are daughters of his Roy. Angie and Kelvin picked them up for me and held on to them until I got there.

Coll. I ended up selling her this year to Lora Withnell. She renamed her Nel and loves her. She is one nice pup.

This is Sava. She is not as cute as Coll but we teamed up better. This year she grew up and became very cute and very talented on sheep.

Sava looking for something, I am sure. She is a nice dog and I hope she will do well as a Nursery dog.

So my trip to the UK was great. I had a blast at work and learned a lot. Then on my vacation, I had even more fun. I'll post my pictures of when I went to a castle in Wales as well as visting my shearer, Eifon.

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