Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Cow is back...

We got the cow back. Yeah!! Last week due to a comedy of errors, she jumped the fence and went to the neighbor's cattle field. She is a brat.

She is 1/2 Angus and 1/2 Whiteface. She looks like a Whiteface. I sold her sister to the auction. She was a worse fence jumper. She weighed in at 855 lbs and I got .63 cents a pound for her. By the time I got a check from the auction, I got paid $484 for her. I paid $500 for her and she doubled her weight. Needless to say, I took a loss on her sister. I plan to sell Brownie as locker beef next year. I do much better selling locker beef money wise than sending her to auction.

Brownie, (the PC name for her and we have a non-PC name for her but we will not put it on the blog), is now back and in the lambing corral. Tony, Kathleen, Monique and I went over to Phil's place. Phil managed to separate her and had her in his upper pasture.

Lucky for me, there was a gate between our pastures. I had forgotten about it but Phil remembered it. Tony cut away the blackberries and Tony and Phil managed to open it. It was buried under a ton of blackberries.

Then the cow work began. Phil, Tony, Kathleen, Monique and I all slowly worked the cow to the gate. Se didn't want to go into my field even though there was alfalfa. She tried to make a break for it bu me, but I whipped off my extremely bright yellow coat and waved it front of her.

She turned and then went into my pasture. We were so happy. Tony went back with Phil to gt his truck and trailer. He had brought it over and we thought that we would have to load her up in it.

Monique, Kathleen and I worked the cow through the upper pasture and then the lower pasture and finally into the lambing corral. Brownie will stay in the lambing corral until she turns into a *locker beef*.

What an adventure that was and we are happy that Brownie is back home now. Last year, I had a steer and he was very tame and quiet and never went on an adventures. Next year I am going to get a steer. I have had enough of cow wrangling for a while.

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