Friday, October 10, 2008

My little barometer

OK yesterday was a perfect day and today was not. For some reason I woke up really tired and didn’t feel well. I went back to bed and then woke up and took a pain pill and went back to bed. Then I woke up and then went back to bed. See a pattern here?

When I did wake up I decided to move the truck up to the house so I could load it up. It wouldn’t start. Darn, so I called Caven. He is my on-site mechanic. He came over and it was a battery. But when we were running the truck, the voltage was dipping and the interior lights were flickering. So instead of taking my truck tomorrow to the trial, I will be driving my car. Great, two Border Collies and I crammed in the car. I put a crate in it already for Nan. Caven will take my truck tomorrow and work on it. One day, we will get it running correctly. It has over 100,000 miles on it and we got two new batteries. The alternator is the original one so it may be toast. I don’t know as I am not a truck mechanic. He is also going to put bolts in it so the canopy doesn’t slid and try to figure out why the canopy light is not working. It probably is a chaffed wire along the bed.

I’ve been working Break pretty much every day. He is turning out to be a nice dog and stops when asked. He has been doing mini outruns and flanking nicely. He really likes me and wants to be my buddy. I like how he looks, a short square muzzle, a nice stop and lean body. He is a nice worker and just wants to please.

Nan was slicing on her flanks but I cleaned them up using the exercise that Scott showed me. Then she worked great. She really listened well and had a strong walk up. We did a couple of sheds and she flew in and on the second one, she held the sheep well.

Tess was the last dog to work. She went out slow but held a nice fetch line. It was getting dark so we quit. She was not amused and on the way out, she decided that the cow needs a quick grip on the heel. The cow was not amused either.

Tonight I am going to bed early as I still feel a little bit yucky. Tess and Nan know I don’t feel well as they have been extra clingy. Tess has been hovering next to me on the bed and couch. As I type this, her nose is on the laptop. When she is this clingy I know that I am not doing well. I may think I am doing well but in reality I am not. So Tess is the barometer that I use to see how I feel. If she is hanging out on the dog bed, then I am fine. If she is clingy to me, then I am not. So far in the last few months she has been dead on. I think I must have pushed myself too far this week.

I’ll ask my little barometer tomorrow on how I feel…that is, when we step to the post together.

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