Monday, October 20, 2008

The Old Guard and the Youngin’

Here is another senior citizen. Del’Mar Scot “Scott” He turned nine in June. His sire is Imp Jim, a son of Bobby Dalziel “WISP”. His dam is Delmar Megan. The dam side is Elvin Kopp’s breeding. Scott is a compact male with a large rough coat. He has two blue eyes and has one of the most loving personalities. I tried to buy him from Chris about 6 years ago and he turned me down as he was his top cow dog on the cattle ranch. As it was, I finally got to buy him over three years ago and was in heaven. I still am.

Scott worked on one of the largest cattle ranches in Canada called the “Coldstream ranch”. He worked cow/calf pair, bulls, steers…you name it…. in over tough steep mountains, in all sorts of weather. It was a real job and hard work. Often it would be over 12 hours and Chris and Scott would come home and be wiped out, then do it again the next day.

Chris and Terri Hanson loved Scott and decided to retire him while he still was young and made sure he got a good home. Scott went from working cattle on a large operation to working on a sheep farm and running in sheep and cowdog trials. He also gets to be surrounded by the girls who adore him. He loves that.

I ran Scott for a few years in cowdog trials where he was very successful and placed high. In sheepdog trials, he placed or won in the Open division. He was retired when his hips began to bother him over the long distances. His long work as a younger dog caught up with him. Scott retired on a successful note and became my farm dog and lesson dog. I do still run him in ASCA trials where he wins and loves the attention. He is such a ham.

Now at the age of nine years, Scott still is having fun. He is being worked by Janet, one of my students and she is going to run him in sheepdog trials but at the lower level. The distance is short and Scott loves to work with Janet. They will be running in ranch in the Winter Series. Scott still does help me with chores and loves working the ducks.

Last year, Scott sired a litter of pups. Tess was the dam and I kept a male “Anson” and a female “Rainey”. Rainey is quite full of herself and I see a lot of her sire in her actions. She is very clever and thinks thing out. She has her sire’s attitude of “I am GOD” and works just like him. She is tough, fearless and has a “make me” attitude. (DOB Nov 10, 2007)


Rainey thinks she should be helping with chores on the farm; as a result she will slip in with her mom, Tess to assist. She has helped move sheep off the feeders and not chase them as they move but hold them off. She will move sheep in the stall. She helped with shearing by holding and moving the sheep about in the stall with Tess. She will look at Tess and mimic her movements. She has lain down while we sheared and was patient. She will help sort and gather the flock with Tess.

We have been working her in the big field she is quite powerful and has a nice square flanks. Great balance and will call off when you are done.

She is like her mom in the fact that she thinks she is the only dog that is capable of working the stock. We really look forward to this little spitfire in the future. One day, she will go north back to see Chris and Terri to show them that her sire lives on through her.

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