Friday, October 31, 2008

Life is about living....

Well, I sure was bummed the last few days. Talk about a big blow to me. Just when I think I am on the road to recovery and suffering from all the pain the last few months, I find out that I still need surgery. Gee, I prefer news like “I won the lotto” or “I won the USBCAH Nationals Finals” not “You need another surgery”

I needed a pick-me up and my mom arrived today and did just that. I woke up in the middle of the night having strange dreams and my heart was pounding. So I wandered about and then went back to bed. Got up at 8, then went back to bed and woke up to hear my mom knocking at the door. The only time that she doesn’t bring a key, and the doors are locked. Usually I am awake and the dogs greet her.

Did the dogs leap out of bed when someone was knocking at the door? Nope, nary a stir. I rush to answer the door and greet my mom. The girls race behind me and make some half hearted attempt to sound like guard dogs. Worthless curs!!

Their ferocious barks soon turn to barks of joy when they see my mom. They cavort about and yelp in delight. I go and make coffee while the girls get treats from my mom. She gave them some fancy-smazzy treats and not the milk bones that I have in the cupboard.

I toss the girls and Rainey outside to calm down. Rainey has been in the house with me and learning how to be a good dog. She is 11 months old and a daughter of Tess. She is far too clever for her own good. Thank goodness she belongs to Getty.

So mom and I decided to keep busy. We swept and mopped the floors. Then I got the bright idea I wanted to clean the office floor. That is also the dog’s room when they lie on the dog beds. There was a bunch of dirt under the beds but in the end we beat the dust bunnies and won the war.

It was good hanging out with my mom and just keeping busy. She was telling me stories from my childhood. She took me when I was over a year old trick or treating. She was pregnant with Nelson. She got lots of goodies such as in two large bags. We think the people thought she was dressed up also.

Ever the astute mom, she mentioned that the last time she was here she noticed the cow was gone. She would be the last person that I would have thought that had noticed the cow was gone. The cow had jumped the fence and was gone for a week and she was gone the last time my mom was here. Guess. that Moms are pretty sharp-eyed after all.

Yes, I explained to her about the cow’s adventure and that she was back now. Remember now, that my mother is a prim and proper traditional Japanese lady. So she tells me of a story of when we lived in Port Angeles and we had a farm. We raised cattle for meat. Once, when Nelson and I were at school, the cow got out. She called my dad in a panic but he was at work. He couldn’t go home as he was a Deputy Sheriff. So that left my mom to deal with the cow. She is afraid of large animals. So she armed herself with a bucket to get the cow. The cow run up to her for the grain and then she would get afraid and run. I see this mental picture in my head….”Mom, dressed very properly, armed with a bucket of grain, being chased by a cow”

I bust out laughing and she laughs with me. She did get the cow in and I had to tell her how we got our cow back. My mom, the Japanese Cow Catcher.

I guess we should have called her last week for the cow wrangling?

So after the stories we made dinner. I was the assistant chef and prepped the salad and marinated the pork and chicken with Bulgogi Sauce (Korean BBQ). Mom made pan fried scallop and green beans. She also had made Spanish rice and brought that over so all I had to do was reheat it. We ate well and then hung out and chatted some more.

Kathy Davis called and I filled her in on the surgery and she is taking the time off to come up and be with me. She is an awesome friend. I think is surprised at how this ended up.

Mom and I went to do the feeding. Mom has this down pat now. She does the bread and hay feeding. I feed the dogs and other stuff. The sheep ran up to her and she feeds them their daily bread. Sorry, I just had to put that in!!

Tess, Nan and Rainey followed mom and I could see that Rainey had her head in the bread bucket and stuffing her face. Just like her mom, Tess. Tess was just helping herself to the bread through the fence that was in the feeders. Nan was getting the *dropped bread* from my mom. I am not about to tell my mom not to feed my dogs.

It had quit raining, The air was cool and crisp. The dogs were lively and my mom was having a good time. My disappointment was lifted away by the soft winds and it was good to see the careful dogs racing about and my mom laughing as she feed the sheep. I began to laugh also and soon tears of joy streamed down my face. Life is about living and I was doing that just then.

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