Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh, Sunny Day!!!

I got good news today.

Not only it is sunny outside but I am sunny inside. You are probably wondering what I mean when I say I am sunny inside?

I went to see my Cardiologist (Dr Condon) this morning. First of all, I am doing well. The 1.7 ratio is pretty much what I have to deal with. It's livable and I shouldn't do scuba diving and climbing Mt Rainer. Since my custom made dry suit and scuba gear burned up in the barn fire and I never got more gear, this means I will cross diving off my life. Doing that Ironman is off the books. That is Audrey's sport...remember she placed 4th in the Canadian Ironman. She has the buffest arms and shoulders!!
I can run a 5K which is more my style anyways!!

So that means to me, that I can do more training on my dogs now. I really look forward to that. I lugged 40 pounds of dog food about today as well as alfalfa (as much as I could hold in my arms- about 30 lbs) In case you might ask, I squat when I picked this heavy objects up and did not bend over.

So Dr. Condon is going to set up an appointment for me in a week or so to have a TEE . I call it the "garden hose procedure). That is when they take a long tube (like a skinny garden hose) and shove it down your throat. They will be able to get good data and pictures of my heart for a baseline. Then on the same day, since I will be doped up and in the hospital, they will try to re set my heart. It has flutter (arrhythmia) and they want to re set it to a regular heartbeat. They will use electrodes on the outside of my chest. Not invasive. Then in one week, I go back to Dr. Condon to see if it held. If it didn't, then they will do another procedure that they will insert a tube up my groin and shock the heart. That usually works.

So the TEE will be a baseline and Dr Condon will monitor me for a while. If the 1.7 ratio stays the same and the heart stay in regular rhythm, then I am good as gold. If by any chance the 1.7 ratio gets worse...well, then another surgery. I am thinking positive that it will be stable. It took forever to recover from the last one and I have no desire to for a third one. But if has to be done, then so be it.

But, what I see happening is: Do the TEE for the baseline, heart rhythm gets set back to normal and the ratio stays at 1.7. Then I die of old age, say in the 90s. I stay my smart and sassy self!!

And by all of the above working, in a month I will be off the blood thinner, the heart meds and maybe my asthma meds so the only meds that I have to take each day is my coffee with almond flavoring!! As well as my nightly meds of ice cream. Oh joy, life certainly is grand right about now.

If any of you ever need a top notch Cardiologist who is very nice, (cute), funny and very competent I recommend Dr Joseph Condon. Here is a link to his website. He is located in Bellevue, WA (East of Seattle). Also, he knows about sheep, farming and Border Collies and sheepdog trials since I have educated him on that...;-)


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