Wednesday, October 15, 2008

See Ya Later (NOT)...or the roads ends now....

Yet again, I had another Doctor appointment today. This time it was Dr Freudenberger (aka Todd). He is my lung Doctor and a nice guy. Anyways, I had to get an x-ray prior to his visit and then up the elevator to his office. The x-ray took a bit longer as they had to rummage around and find my paperwork. That put me behind and I finally got in to see him.

We looked at my prior x-ray (Aug 22) and compared it to the one that I just did. There is not (well, hardly any) water in my right lung. The 350 mls that was there 3 weeks ago had been absorbed back into my body. That is great news and one less hill to climb on my road to recovery. I am so happy now.

Todd was happy and now I do not have to go back to him. Todd, it was nice while it lasted but *see ya*!!

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1sheepdoggal said...

You've been travlin' a hard road, glad to hear it starting to smooth out for ya finally. Best wishes.