Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finishing the pastures and pain med adjustments

Well, today Tony came over and finished moving the hog’s fuel. He put some up in the upper pasture near the gate and feeders. He also added more to the round pen and lambing corral. Plus, he fixed the gate in the lambing corral so it will swing out than inside the corral. This is important as when it swung inside when the ground was muddy it was hard to open or close. By the time he was done, the place looked quite nice and is ready for winter.

We will all be excited since we will not sink up to our ankles in mud and not have to fight with the gate. I got a truckload of gravel and three loads of hog's fuel. It put a dent in the wallet but it will be well worth it.

Also about half of my far pasture got mowed so we will have that field to work in. I wanted to have it all mowed but the guy's tractor kept breaking so it never got finished.

I think I have been too quick to reduce my pain meds. I have been taking 1/2 Vicodin mid around noonish and 1 pill at night. Today I really hurt badly and yesterday I felt the same. I think I need to take a full pill in the morning and not take 1/2 pill around noonish. Could it be that I might be pushing myself too much?

I will go back to a pill during the day and one at night until my chest is healed more. It doesn't hurt like a sharp pain but a dull pain. Just enough to stop me and make me lie down and take a nap.

I go in next week to talk to Dr. Condon on my progress and update on my weekly blood tests (thinning level). Hopefully soon, then I can get the test procedure for my heart arrhythmia. I am tired of the heart stuff, weekly tests, hurting chest, tiredness, unable to do stuff and so forth. I guess right now I am a poor patient!!

I just want to not hurt any more. Is that too much to ask?

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