Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trial Update... gonna be tomorrow as I am too tired right now but here are some highlights...

~Brian Ricard is going to Church
~Diane Pagel working a brace of sheepdogs to pen her sheep
~Neal looking like a chick magnet
~The Lunch Gang (Sue, Lynne, Vicki and ?) made the best tasty hot cheese sandwiches
~Judge Jim Cooper ordering the sunshine for the day
~One run had a bonus ram join on the fetch
~Good laughter was had by all
~Lynne Green beats Brian Richard in PN
~Brian Ricard has expanded his sled dogs team from Mig, Raven and Doc to include Dan and Clark
~Lynn Green making this tasty Italian flatbread wih cheese (I'll put the details in the blog later)
~Alfred Hitchcock providing the large flocks of pigeons and crows who blanketed the fields.

---It was a great day---and much Thanks to Sue and George for hosting the first of the Winter Series Trials and to Judge Jim Cooper for judging us all day. Also to the setout crew, the field staff, scribes, cooks and other folks who made this happen.

And last but not least, the Sheep.....

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