Thursday, October 30, 2008

Square One

Just got back from visiting Dr. Condon. My Protime level is good. It is 2.5. Last week it had dropped to 1.6 since I was drinking Green Tea.....ooops!! No more green tea for me.

Info on the Protime tests:

They did an EKG test to see about my arrhythmia. Guess what. BAD NEWS. The arrhythmia is back. We think it is due to the 2.2 ratio in the heart. The heart is working extra hard again for the blood flow.

The ratio is 2.2. it is not exact science but a calculated guess. When I first went in, it was 2.8. So I am almost back to where I started from. At least we think we have a rim to work with so we can do the clam shell operation.

So we hope this clam shell operation will fix the hole as well as settle down/quit the arrhytmia, get ride of the asthma and migraines.

So we are back to "Square One" and going to start this game over. Let's hope we can win this time.


Kathy said...

Good luck and hopefully this is your time around with this stuff. Please keep us posted and have a quick recovery.

Take care,

Sam said...

Best of luck for your procedure- I'm sure it will go smoothly and you'll be back enjoying life at full speed soon.

Luisa said...

Good mojo coming your way from SoCal. I just stopped by the BC Boards for the first time in ages and was concerned to read that you'll be having surgery again. I hope this time everything will be successful and you'll recover quickly -- you are in my thoughts and prayers.