Friday, October 3, 2008

The new TOY..aka..Mine, Mine, Mine!!!

This is the "Croc Toy" that I got when I went to the Scott Glen clinic. I got it from a vendor who was at the Agility trial which was on the same grounds. You put a empty water bottle in the toy and it makes crunchy sound. The dogs love it.

This is Rainey. She is a daughter of Tess. She is very spoiled and a little princess. She thinks ALL TOYS should belong to her. She will steal the toys and stash them in her dog bed.

"AH Ha, I have stolen the Croc Toy from my mom"

Now, she is on the lookout for her mom.

Ok, I will cuddle with my new toy now. Can I bat my eyes and look so *cute*?

Oh, can I look innocent now? Oh no, my mom sees that I have stolen her toy as well as her dog bed. What am I supposed to do?

Tess has recovered her dog bed as well as her toy. Notice she has a worried look on her face. Rightly so, as Rainey is no doubt plotting to steal her Croc Toy again

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