Friday, August 28, 2009

USBCHA Nationals Finals

The time is getting close for the Finals. I am really working my dogs to get ready. I am running Roo and Nan. I just got Roo back so we are getting used to each other again. Nan is runnig well for me. Getty and I are pulling the travel trailer and camping at the site. We will bring Tess and Rainey. No doubt we will haul along another dog or two.

BUT, if you have NOT volunteered for the Finals, they are still needing help. They also need dog sponsors. If you can't afford the full sponsorship, get five of you to pitch in $25 for a sponsorship.

The sheep are light so that should be fun. The trial comittee is working hard to make this go as smoothly as possible. Be sure to support them in their endeavors.

So having said that, here is a link to the website:

I look forward to seeing you there!!

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