Monday, August 31, 2009

Circle Y Flex Endurance Saddle

I decided I need a new saddle. I haven't been riding since May of last year. I went riding with my friend Sara and her daughter and borrowed a saddle from her. My roping saddle doesn't fit my short backed Arab. I used it for my stout Quarter horse and I sold her a while ago.

And so the search was on for a saddle. I wanted a lighter saddle, not the 50 lbs roping saddle that I have. I wanted a saddle that I could use for trail riding, lightweight and easy on the horse. additional, one I could ride for hours and not be stiff when I got off!! I looked at treeless saddles but wanted one with more substance. Ortho-Flex and Circle Y seemed like two good saddles to look armed with this knowledge I began my search.

A local guy, Mark just put up an ad for his 15" Circle Y Flex Endurance saddle. I meet him and tried it on Emma. She is a bit overweight but short backed and stout. The saddle fit her perfectly and now I am the proud new owner of a saddle.

This is the first saddle that I have owned that does not have a horn. It was very comfortable to ride and the leather was soft. It fit perfectly on Emma and was easy to put on and take off. I still hurt when I lift heavy items or twist wrong. My chest incision is not healed totally yet or healed wrong.

So trail riding I will go...YEAH

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