Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Handler's Tent at On the River

The view from under the handler's tent. We are looking at some clouds that ar racing across the mountain. See the trees in the distance...they are huge. In a few minutes, it began to have thunder and lightning!!

I am so glad that I am under the tent!!

Some one made a "Pop Pole" It was quite creative!

Close up of the "Pop Pole"

Don't we look relaxed. Dirk and Sonya put up two huge tents. It was great as it was roasting hot. The tents were very popular. Sonya made lunches and had cold drinks for sale. It was wonderful. We all had a good time. You should go to this trial if you can.

Lollygagging under the tent. Do you know all the handers? Name them!!

Name more handlers! I am one of them, obviously!

Another view of the handler's tent. Who do you recognize?

Here I am. I am so happy to be at a trial!!

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