Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some more Photos from Bonnie Block

Last of the series from Bonnie (until I get more)

Nan on a trial over Jul 4th weekend. Look at huge her tongue is!!

Nan standing up to a Suffolk ewe. This ewe gave her issue the entire time and never wanted to join up with her flock, even at setout. Nan was game and gave it her all.

The ewe took a run at her and Nan meet her. The ewe lost and we got a DQ but I was proud of Nan for standing up to the ewe.

The second run at the trial. Here is the single.

Nice hold by Nan. She is a nice shedder!!

Lucy made it into the Double Lift at this trial. She never did a Double Lift but she was game.

Look at her cutting horse turn.

A ewe thought she was going to bust out but Lucy got her and turned her.

Look at the determination in her eyes.

OK, slow down and take a break.

The Double Lift. She had a great drive and kept the flock together quite well.

Bringing the sheep back into the shedding ring.

Trying to get that last cut. We ran out of time.

Lucy was a good dog and I was proud of her.

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