Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the River pixs from Friday- Open July 24, 2009

These are the sheep. There are very nice Scotties. Two are from Dirk's flock and two are from Decatur Island where they run wild. They have not been worked by dogs. It made for a fun but tough trial. I really enjoy Dirk and Sonya's trials!!

Here is the first day (Friday) with Nan. The sheep are about 500 yards up the hill in a small vale. The dogs can not see the sheep. Nan trusts me to go out to find the sheep.

Off she goes like a speeding bullet!! Look at the scenery around me. Isn't it beautiful? Dirk and Sony sure know how to put on a top notch trial!

One of the best turns at the post. She is a driving machine too!! We really teamed up well!!

Lined them up and straight through the first drive gates. She is rating herself quite well!!

One of the few dogs to hit the fetch panels. Most of the people were low.

OK, Nan is a shedding queen!! We fine tuned our sheds a week later at the Scott Glen shedding clinic. She is driving the sheep off now. Notice that I am facing the sheep the proper way!!

To the pen we go!! This is where I had them all penned but two of the lambs slipped through the steel gate and then tried again. We ran out of time as they keep trying to slip through the gate. Nan worked hard and kept her cool.

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