Monday, August 17, 2009

L&M Belle - for Sale

L & M Belle

Imp Moss (Michelle Howard) x Nell (Laura Hick)

Belle is a 20 month old, black and white bitch. DOB is Dec 2007. She is tall and very nimble on her feet. She is quick to cover and has a loose eye working style and may be more medium eyed as she matures. Belle is doing small gathers, has a recall, stand and knows her body flanks. She still work well in the round pen and needs more time to mature. She is not ready for intense training at this point but will be as she matures. I have her half sister, Nan who is my top Open dog.

Belle in the big field. Working about 20 sheep.

Belle on a walk up. She is a tall, long legged female.

Belle is very fast on her feet.

She has an intense walk up.

Belle needs a home where she can grow up and have a willing, gentle handler. She is not suited for a loud handler as she wants to please and is not hard headed. She is a VERY loving female and wants to be with you all the time.

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